A. Ameli, PhD, PEng, PE and S Jefferis, PhD, CEng

The contraction of silicate-aluminate grout solution is studied from the moment of mixing, and the influence of temperature and mix composition on syneresis of the set grout are investigated. Syneresis is quantified and the final values are estimated. From an investigation of the behavior of the gel in containers of different dimensions some of the mechanics of syneresis are elucidated. It is shown that syneresis must be a mainly chemical contraction process. Gravity was found to have a minor effect in terms of the contribution from self-weight consolidation of the bulk gel even in tall columns of pure grout. It is shown that the only identified forces that work against syneresis are surface adhesion forces or mechanical interlocking. Syneresis was found not to occur if sufficient bonding exists at the gel-matrix interface. It is shown that syneresis will occur in rock fissures with a rough sand-like texture or grouted sand masses only at very extended times, if at all.

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